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Full Set $115
Initial Application; 90 minutes.

Lash Fill $45

 (45 minutes)

Lash Fill Plus $60
 (60 minutes)

Lash Fill Premium $75 

(75 minutes)

Removal $30
Proper removal of artificial lashes to prevent natural lash damage; 15 minutes.

Lash Lift & Tint $95
Semi permanent curling of the natural lashes to created a lifted, longer appearance, lasting up to 3 months; 60 minutes. 

Lash Tint $30
Vegetable based color that coats the natural lashes in a silky black lasting up to 4 weeks; 15 minutes.

Strip Lash Application $15

Strip lash application requires the purchase of lashes from The Skin Spa, an additional cost of $10; 15 minutes. 

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