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Dermaplaning is *the* treatment for clients experiencing a build up of dead skin cells (think textured, desert floor-esque skin), or an abundance of vellus hair (peach fuzz). After cleansing the skin, we use a surgical blade to painlessly slough off dead skin cells, followed with chemical exfoliation to create the smoothest skin. Next up is our sought after jelly mask, which we choose specifically for your needs, and then finish the treatment off with a moisturizer & SPF. Say goodbye to dull, fuzzy skin! Hello, GLOW! [60 min; $95]


Peel TX

Chemical peels are a miracle in a bottle. They are an excellent solution for our beauty b*tches battling acne, minor acne scarring (post-inflammatory pigmentation), comedones, sun/ age spots (hyper-pigmentation), fine lines, or dull/ dry skin. Our medical grade peels are guaranteed to give you more vibrant results than similar cosmetic grade products. With all that power, comes a bit of punch, but you can always count on us to stay in the room with you during your treatment in the event any sensitivity occurs. We'll finish with an SPF- but don't forget, our self-neutralizing peels continue to work after your treatment, so you must avoid washing your skin or using any products/ makeup for 24 hours! [30 min; $105]


Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a procedure that uses tiny, sterile needles to puncture the skin, in order to create a wound response (beauty is pain, babe, except we use numbing cream to skip the pain part). Essentially this forces your skin to shed old cells, regenerate quicker, and create an abundance of natural collagen. Simultaneously, we utilize the channels we've created in the skin to facilitate deeper penetration of potent serums specifically chosen to target your concerns. We finish the treatment with a truffle + 24K gold mask which aids in soothing, brightening, AND prevents against aging. We recommend investing in 3-6 treatments to receive optimal results. *Please note this service does require 24 hours downtown due to excessive redness following the procedure. Skin will continue to peel slightly for 1-2 weeks. [90 min; $250; packages available]


SKIN à la carte: 


We ain't playin' with this one. Our signature SKIN à la carte treatment is designed to make booking even easier than impulse shopping. All you need to do is choose budget + time. When you arrive for your appointment, we'll hand over our à la carte menu, where you select each portion of your treatment to be exactly what you want. Don't know what you want? Don't worry, boo, we'll tell you what you need. Each treatment includes a powered double cleanse & customized exfoliation, with features such as steam, hot towels, aromatherapy, & high frequency technology, concluding with targeted moisturizer & SPF.


                                     to see our current menu


Tier One       45 minutes; $75; 1 enhancement

Tier Two      60 minutes; $105; 2 enhancements

Tier Three    75 minutes; $135; 3 enhancements

Skin Analysis

Our signature skin analysis is a complimentary (yes, b*tch, FREE) service we offer to help you understand your skin concerns, and get you on route to fixing them, sis! During the service your skin therapist will explain what they are seeing, what may have caused that concern, and how we can improve it. Our advice ranges from recommending specific skin treatments, to at home products, to lifestyle changes. It's not always about what we can do in the treatment room, sometimes we're spilling secrets on how to #selfcare at home. [30 min]


Extract + Prevent *beauty b*tch favourite

Clear blackhead & whitehead congestion before they manifest into breakouts with this super-cleansing, purifying, and clearing treatment. Eradicate impactions by focusing on a the effected area, using specialized products, steam, ultrasonic technology, and our manual extraction technique. We got you, boo. [45 min; $50] 


Back Care Treatment

The same care that is given to your face is given to your back. Your skin therapist will focus on cleansing the skin of impurities with this purifying back treatment. A customized exfoliant will slough off dead skin cells, readying skin for removal of toxins. We will extract if necessary, and we'll definitely throw a mask on that b*tch. Educate you, moisturize you, and send you out the door- Looking hot front to back. [60 min; $100]

Beauty B*tch Tip


All skincare products are 20% off when you visit us for a skin treatment!


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