Dermaplaning 45 minutes $80

Dermaplaning is the perfect treatment for clients experiencing a build up of dead skin cells, or an abundance of vellus hair (peach fuzz). After cleansing the skin we use a surgical blade to PAINLESSLY exfoliate the skin, follow with a hydrating mask, and top off the treatment with a moisturizer & SPF. Say goodbye to dull, fuzzy skin! Hello, glow!


Chemical Peel 30 minutes - $90/ $105

Chemical peels are an excellent solution for clients battling acne, acne scarring (post-inflammatory pigmentation), comedones, sun/ age spots (hyper-pigmentation), fine lines, or dull/ dry skin. Our medical grade peels are guaranteed to give you more vibrant results than similar cosmetic grade products. After cleansing the skin, we will determine which peel best suits your skins needs. You can always count on us to stay in the room with you during your treatment in the event any sensitivity occurs. We'll finish with an SPF- but don't forget, our self-neutralizing peels continue to work after your treatment, so try to avoid washing your skin or using any products for 12-24 hours!


* Receive 20% off the purchase of any skincare products when visiting for a skin treatment (including skin analysis).




Customized Skin Treatment 60 minutes - $115

Here at SKIN we believe in client education; clients should understand their skin just as the skin therapist does. Throughout this 60 minute treatment you will be educated utilizing our signature skin analysis to determine what concerns are being seen on your skin by both you and the therapist. Next your therapist will tailor a treatment specific to your skin needs. In the end, you will both discuss the route that was taken during the treatment, which ingredients best suit your skin, and what the next steps are to maintaining healthy skin at home. {ADD EXTRACTIONS: $15/ 15 minutes.}

Skin Analysis 30 minutes - Complimentary

Our signature skin analysis is a complimentary service we offer to help you understand what concerns are being seen, why exactly we may be seeing these concerns and what we can do together to fix those problem areas. During the service your therapist will explain what they are seeing and feeling in each area of the skin. To finish off, you will be recommended products, home care and even lifestyle changes to take control of the concerns talked about throughout the treatment.


Concentrated Relief

20 minutes- $40

Clear blackhead & whitehead congestion before they manifest into breakouts with this super-cleansing, purifying and clearing treatment. Eradicate impactions by focusing on a the effected area, using ultrasonic waves paired with our signature manual extraction technique. 
{5 minutes of extractions included- ADD 15 additional minutes for $15}

Back Care Treatment

60 minutes- $100

The same care that is given to your face is given to your back. Your skin therapist will focus on cleansing the skin of impurties with this purifying and relaxing back treatment. A deep cleansing scrub will slough off dead skin cells, readying skin for removal of toxins, then ending with a calming mask & SPF..
{ADD PEEL: +$20}

Micro-needling - $175  {COMING SOON}


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