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                    BROW BAR


We take brows very seriously at SKIN & we're known for just that. Our brow treatments go beyond just a wax. We measure, colour, wax, tweeze, trim, apply makeup, and educate you along the way. We don't give you back the brows you came in with, we give you the brows that you should have always had. 

Brow Wax

$20 (W/ TINT $40; W/ HENNA $50)

Sensitive Brow Wax

$25 (W/ TINT $45; W/HENNA $55)

* Our brow tint is a vegetable based color that adds fullness to the brows by coloring the brow hair. This is a very effective service, lasting 4-6 weeks on the hair. Our henna is also a natural base and  is formulated to match natural brow colours, not taking on the traditional orange henna hue. Henna will last ~2 weeks on the skin, and 6-8 weeks on the hair.



Lip [$15]

Chin [$15]

Nasal [$15]

Neck [$20]

Back [$50-$65]

Chest [$45-$60]

Full Legs [$65]

½ Legs [$40]

Underarms [$20]

Full Arms [$40]

Bikini [$40]

Brazilian [$70]

Bum [$15]

Manzilian [$85]

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